Journal of Econometrics,
Vol. 234, pp. 732-757

Treatments are determined by strategic interaction, which poses interesting identification problems.

Journal of American Statistical Association,
Vol. 116, pp. 192-195

I discuss identification of optimal treatment rules under treatment endogeneity and propose a novel identifying condition.

Journal of Econometrics,
Vol. 225, pp. 132-147

Time-varying treatment effects are considered in a nonparametric model with treatment endogeneity.

Quantitative Economics,
Vol. 11, pp. 161-202

Using a control function approach, weak instruments are characterized as a concurvity problem.

Quantitative Economics,
Vol. 10, pp. 1019-1068

In a set of nonlinear models, we propose reparametrization that facilitates robust inference under weak identification.

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